sábado, 4 de julho de 2009

Sentimentos [ 4 ]

Who selected you?

As the years pass for us , it's to see the time to leave us alone
And we wait, we wait
That they justify or that is born at least some reason
To the reason for which goes yielding the body then
To the years
I feel more than necessary
I lose the voice profit judgment
And who i was i'm not more
Change feelings profit weight, i lose fears and hair
And who i was i'm not more

Something improved!
We were wise… at least the eyes of the other
Responsible being competes to few
Well the few….
We don't depend, from now, of nobody
Wants to say… the sex now implies almost always somebody
And Still well!!!

Who i was i'm not more
I don't cry the parts that are stop backwards
I don't conclude
My time is not a song
Doubts it is it that remains, it takes that me to ask…
which paper will be mine? Of who the nothing it makes?
although it's painfull, nothing i made to move.
although it painfull, nothing it goes to move.
And we review in the images that do not pass of an sketch…
I don't know what it is better, to run away from everything without thinking
Shout leaves that me in peace, you go to understand me
Come on… You know that tomorrow i'm not here.

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